It was in November 1979 that a group of twenty nine women launched “The Quilters Association of Victoria” and the first official newsletter “The Quilters Patch” was printed. Within a short space of time, the Membership grew to 55 and it was decided to hold an exhibition in the Chandelier Room of the Hawthorn Town Hall in November 1980.

As a result of this, the membership doubled and a few months later had reached 180. Another group called “The Needlework Guild” (which had started in 1978) changed its name to “The Patchworkers and Quilters Guild of Victoria”. To save confusion, in December 1980 “The Quilters Association of Victoria” altered its name thus becoming “The Australian Quilters Association”.

Over the years quilt making has grown in popularity and the Association has flourished. Many lasting friendship have been forged and knowledge shared.

The biennial exhibition shows traditional and contemporary quilts emerging side by side – a testimony to the talents of their makers and an encouragement for others to reach out and break the boundaries. The stimulation of speakers, workshops, and the extensive library all encourage and contribute to the growth and knowledge of quilt making for our members.

The Australian Quilters Association Inc. is one of the oldest quilting groups in Australia, and, with the enthusiastic support of its members, will continue to be a leader in the quilting world.


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