Biggest Morning Tea


Each year the Guild supports the Cancer Council’s “Biggest Morning Tea” event to raise money for cancer research.

Biggest Morning Tea 2019

This year sixty-two members and guests attended our Biggest Morning Tea Fund Raiser supporting the Cancer Council. The morning began with a welcome from our President Suzanne Simpson, followed by invitation for attendees to enjoy the beautifully laid out selection of treats.

Dr Laura Forrest was an interesting and informative Guest Speaker. Many questions emanated from the floor during and after her presentation. Laura answered all in an easy and clear manner. Her research involves testing for the BRCA 1.2 gene. There are forty females taking part in her Qualitative Research Study, aged from 18 to 40 years. Part of her study is focused on making decisions about the types of treatments offered and their effectiveness.

The Gift Quilt Team presented more than seventy-five quilts to the Peter Mac Hospital, which is a wonderful achievement and were warmly received.

The return of the Members Challenge was a success with twenty-one items on display. The winner of the Sofitel High Tea voucher was Heather Bingham, and Wendy-Gai Fry won the Mary Eats Cake High Tea voucher.

The total amount raised was $3,390.00 which comprised proceeds of the 2018 Members Exhibition raffle, the sale of Liberty Fabrics throughout the year, door takings and donations.

Thank you to all those involved who assisted and supported in many ways to make this event such a success. The Committee appreciates very much all of the contributions. 

AQA BMT Fund Raising Event

May 21st, 2018

More than seventy AQA members and guests gathered at Surrey Hills Uniting Church Hall, to raise money for the Cancer Council of Victoria. During the day we enjoyed a lovely spread of delicious treats, including, scones, biscuits, slices and fresh fruit.

Dr Kara Britt (Researcher Peter MacMacallum Cancer Centre) left, Suzanne Simpson (President AQA Vic) right

Dr Kara Britt (Researcher Peter MacMacallum Cancer Centre) left, Suzanne Simpson (President AQA Vic) right

Suzanne Simpson AQA President, welcomed our Guest Speaker – Dr Kara Britt, researcher with Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Kara shared her life and work and spoke at length about the progress being made in her field, specifically Breast Cancer.

Kara detailed some of the types of treatments being used today and the changes involved in the speed with which research is being applied to current patients.  There have been some promising results.

Kara also shared her personal experiences and showed tremendous empathy and a real passion for her work.




Shirley Lodington (Vice President AQA) left, and Anne Franzi-Ford (Manager Volunteer Services Peter Mac) right.

Shirley Lodington (Vice President AQA) left, and Anne Franzi-Ford (Manager Volunteer Services Peter Mac) right.

Anne Franzi-Ford, the Manager of Volunteer Services from Peter Mac also attended.

Anne accepted quilts made by AQA members from the Gift Quilt Program, which were held up for all to enjoy.  Anne will deliver the quilts to those in need.|

Thank you, Kara and Anne, for adding to our day.

There was a lot of fun and games as members took part in two patchwork trivia quizzes prepared by Shirley Lodington, and a couple of Birthday games. Attendees worked on patchwork, applique, embroidery knitting and even some bobbin lace making by Kate Potonik.

After lunch Tracey Leonard braved the stage and had her hair cut.  Two hairdressers attended and there was much fun and laughter.  Tracey has not had her hair cut above her shoulders for more than twenty-five years.  She had dyed her hair bright pink for the big day.   Kaye Hardman was our presenter for this part of the program. The total funds raised came to just over $700.00  Congratulations Tracey!  Thank you, Kaye.

Cindy and her team provided specially cut packs of Liberty fabric for sale.  Today saw the last of these sold.  The  total raised reached a little over $600.00.  Congratulations Cindy and all the girls who helped.

Thank you to everyone who came along, contributed, and helped make the day so successful.

Anna Amory
Secretary 2018


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