Gift Quilt Program

AQA members support the community by making and donating more than two hundred quilts each year to various worthwhile charities.  This program allows members the opportunity to share their skills and bring comfort to those in need of a warm hug.

Faye Eaton, Jan MacFadyen and Faye Burville, are the coordinators of the AQA Gift Quilt Program.  The work they do is often unseen, but the results are amazing.  Members contribute to the making, design and construction of the quilts.

Gift Quilt Program Coordinators - Jan MacFadyen, Faye Burville and Faye Eaton

Gift Quilt Program Coordinators – Jan MacFadyen, Faye Burville and Faye Eaton

The Gift Quilt Girls organise and supply kits for machine piecing and prepared shapes for hand piecing, ready for members to pick up and work on at home.  The girls also accept, sort, and store all fabric donations.

AQA enjoys the support of the Whitehorse City Council, in the form of a subsidy, towards the purchase of batting for the quilts.

Each year the AQA Gift Quilt girls arrange a Gift Quilt Day at the Surrey Hills Hall. All those attending can work on whichever task suits their skills.

The following organisations benefit from our donations;

  • Peter Mac Callum Cancer Centre Melbourne – Hospital for treatment and care of cancer patients.
  • Odyssey House Victoria – Counselling and support, and residential rehabilitation for alcohol and other drug, affected families.  Quilts go to clients after completing a significant stage in their rehabilitation program.
  • Anglicare and Foster Care Vic – protection and empowerment of disadvantaged children, young people and families.
  • Impact for Women Inc. – Provide assistance to women and children fleeing extreme violence at home.
  • Quilts of Valour – Quilts are presented to members, veterans and families of the Australian Defence Forces.


Members are encouraged to support this wonderful initiative.

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